Politics and $$$

My campaign is different from most of those you have ever seen. While I do realize that some money is necessary to run a campaign, I don't believe the way most candidates use it is proper.

The person that currently holds the seat I am running for raised around $45,000 for a race in 2014 that was uncontested. I mean, seriously?! He was going to win whether he advertised or not!  So what will he do with all of that cash that he didn't spend on a campaign? If I get to the end of this campaign with money left in my campaign coffers, every dime of it will be donated to Mosaic. 

I realize how difficult it is to run an effective campaign without the aid of one of the political parties, but I am going to try. I believe people are fed up being inundated with television ads, radio ads, posters, yard signs, newspaper ads, mailers, phone calls ... 

My campaign will run on an extremely low budget. Sure, I could use a little help with gas, meals, etc. But I won't be filling your email account, your social media, or your mailbox with exhortations to send me more and more money.

The majority of my campaign will be done through this website, my Facebook page, whatever free media I can accrue, and personal appearances. I won't invest in a lot of professionally prepared media. I will be putting some things online that you can print out and share or tape inside of your car window if you wish. I will depend on you, the voter, rather than a political machine.

I would rather have five and ten dollar donations from people like you than to receive thousands from special interest groups. The people I will be beholden to, should I be elected, is you, not the fat cats.

If I could afford it, I would go about campaigning the way my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Davy Crockett did when he ran for Congress. He had a special jacket made with deep pockets. He would walk through the countryside until he met up with someone out tilling their field. He would then pull out a jug of whiskey from one of his pockets and offer the fellow a swig. Most likely the man would spit out his chaw, so Davy carried a big plug of tobacco in the other pocket to replenish what was lost. That way he always left the guy better off than how he found him. That is according to Davy anyway.

Check out my blog for more information on this issue.