medical cannabis

There have been, and there are ongoing attempts to get legislation passed in the Unicameral that would allow cannabis to be prescribed for a variety of maladies, many of them extremly debilitating and painful for those afflicted. It is my belief that it must take a very cold, hard, heart to deny this drug to those that genuinely need it. It has been used for thousands of years throughout the history of mankind and is still used throughout the world for its medicinal benefits. 

The fact that cannabis is a Schedule One drug on the federal level is due more to politics than it is to demonstrated facts. The pharmaceutical industry is fighting against legalization because it threatens the profits they make by keeping it illegal. 

Why would a pharmaceutical company, the ones that produce all of those drugs with  dangerous side effects that are always being advertised on TV want to give you the right to grow your own medicine for free? Especially since it is a drug that lacks all of the side effects that require you to use even more of their pills?

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