LIfe and choices

OK. Here is where we get to the elephant in the room. Let's discuss ... abortion.

I am a man. I don't have the plumbing that it takes to carry children. I am certain that I could never, in a million years, understand what would go through the mind of a woman that was considering having an abortion, although I am certain that very few of them that do consider it an easy choice

I cannot be the judge of the decisions a woman that chooses to terminate her pregnancy had to make. I cannot condemn them for that decision. That is a conversation, so far as I am concerned, between her and her maker.

Insofar as the position I am seeking in the Legislature is concerned, so long as Roe vs Wade is still the law of the land, there is nothing the Nebraska Legislature can do in regards to it anyway. So the question is moot.

You may judge me for not taking a stand on this very controversial issue, but that isn't your job either. That is the right of my maker ... and yours.