A Better Way To Govern

You all know how your State Senators have traditionally represented you in the Legislature. I intend to change that!

Where it might have seemed, to many of you, that unless you were one of those people that could afford to fill the pockets of your representatives with plenty of cash, any communications you had with your representative fell into an Orwellian "memory hole." You do remember reading 1984 in your sophomore English class don't you?

With the immediacy that social media allows us today, there is no reason why you cannot become an active participant in your government, and not just at the ballot box. As your legislator, I would find ways, using video over the internet, to arrange scheduled meetings throughout the district where you could ask questions and get answers with immediate feedback. They could give you an opportunity to meet and work with others throughout the district to envision new solutions to old problems.

I am the first to admit that there are many topics that I am ignorant about. But, the cure for ignorance is education. I am capable of learning new things very quickly. Even then, I don't intend to become an expert on everything. Instead, I would like to set up a sort of "kitchen cabinet" of very well informed individuals that I could call on for expert advice. Their affiliation with a particular political party or organization won't be a requirement. Their ability to inform me about issues that are important to you will be paramount.

I want the people of the 38th LD to be able to voice their opinions, to find their own solutions, to the problems that face us based on their own perceptions. Too often legislation is created by special interest groups whose primary impetus is profit for their stakeholders. The basis for my concerns will be, "What is best for the lives of the people that live in this district?"

I have no illusions about what being a State Senator means. I realize that it is hard work, a lot of aggravation, and little thanks. I have a pretty good idea how bills are written, discussed, amended, and, if they are good, passed. There is a lot of give and take. I intend to give 'em hell until we can take the best deal from the table.