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Thomas Osborn
for nebraska legislature lD38

I want YOUR voice to be heard in Lincoln.

I won't take $$$ from PACs, Political Parties, or Lobbyists. Money corrupts.

The Platform

Campaign Finance Reform

The money made available for political campaigns comes with strings attached. I would sponsor legislation that would mitigate that. Nebraska has no limits on the amount special interests can spend to buy votes.


I would support the legalization of all forms of cannabis. Hemp as a traditionally American agricultural crop. Cannabis as a medicine that has been used worldwide for centuries. Marijuana as a source of tax revenue providing property tax relief.

Economic Diversification

Tax incentives seem always to be reserved for the corporations in Lincoln and Omaha. I would fight to bring greater economic opportunities to our district. There must be more hope for good paying jobs than just 

what agriculture can provide to our young people.

Join The Revolution

CONTACT ME: Share your most important concerns with me. If you have a better solution to the problems that we are facing in LD38, I would love to hear it. I don't have all of the answers, but I am certain that someone in this district does.

Thomas Osborn for Legislature LD38

Support my campaign

Any funds left at the end of the campaign will be donated to Mosaic.

Print your own campaign stuff

Most politicians spend more of their time begging for campaign  money than they do thinking about how they will represent their constituents. I am more interested in  soliciting your opinions and your ideas.

Here are some "bumper stickers." Print 'em at home and stick 'em in your car window with some tape.

I have also made up some flyers, with tearstrips, that you can print at home and share with whomever you like, or put them up on bulletin boards and people can just rip off a strip with this website address on it.