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politics as it should be - not more of the same

Tired of the same old promises, the same old way of doing things? Then vote for a different kind of representative.

The Platform

Think Different

We all want tax relief, greater opportunities, and a brighter future for our district. We'll never get there so long as we continue seeking the same old solutions.

Be Different

We can have change only if we are willing to change. Sitting on the sidelines is for spectators. Be a player. Get into the game.

Do Different

LD38 has as much right to be heard in the Unicameral as Lincoln and Omaha do. Send someone

 to the Unicameral that will provide a strong voice for our district.

Join The Revolution

Contact Me

If you have a better solution to the problems that we are facing in LD38 and Nebraska, I would love to hear it. I don't have all of the answers, but I am certain that someone in this district does.

Thomas Osborn for Legislature LD38

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